Episode 6: Melinda Grimaldi - Operating At A Higher Level, Dealing with "Mom Guilt", The I

Melinda Grimaldi is an attorney, business owner and married mother of two. She is definitely a mom on her grind! I met her about two years ago and was in complete awe with her discipline and strong work ethic. I could relate to her because she is also from Montreal (goooo Canadians) and is extremely family oriented like I am. What pleasantly surprised me the most about her are the workshops she offers for free! I think this is something that really sets her practice apart in the legal world.

Since 2009, Melinda Grimaldi, Esq has successfully run a law practice, focusing on Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate in the South Florida area. She attended NovaSoutheastern University Shepart Broad Law Center and graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors.

She loves helping clients buy, sell, and finance real estate and protect their families by designing their estate plan. She especially loves to design plans for families with minor children as they have their own needs.

I remember when we were introduced - We were told "You two will DEFINITELY get along" and the people were right. I love her positive mindset and her hunger to grow her practice. You will love this episode! Especially if you are looking for ways to grow your business with more than 1 child and are looking at ways to delegate.


-Why she decided to be a lawyer and the family business mindset

-Challenges of starting her own law firm right after college

-How having her second kid was a motivation to take the "grind' to another level

-What her village consists of, how she was able to ask for help and why she hired a nanny

-The importance of estate planning and how she can help

-How deciding to operate at a higher level will help her spend more time with her family

-Why Melinda started doing the free workshops and how it has helped others and her business

-How having her staff filter he emails saved her time

-The importance of personal growth


Book: The E Myth and The E Myth Attorney

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