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Moms On The Grind is an uplifting, honest, funny and inspiring podcast for the working moms on their grind all day...every day!

Hey! My name is Sarah (everyone, say "HEY SARAH")! I am originally from Montreal, Canada and am now living in Miami, Florida (Yes, MAJOR change in weather). I wear many, many hats which include working full time as a residential real estate agent, content creator, real estate investor, consultant and my MOST important job: Being a mother to my witty 4 year old daughter, Eva.  

I created Moms On The Grind to empower, inspire and encourage working moms all around the world. Whether you are a mother who is an entrepreneur or a stay at home mom with a side hustle, this podcast is for YOU! Tag us on Instagram @momsonthegrind or use the hashtag #MOTGPodcast for a possible feature!

Don't panic. We got this!




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