Episode 3: Alexandra B. Kontos - Going From Law To Health Insurance, Reinvention, Divorce & Mind

Alexandra B. Kontos is one of the first women I met in Miami and became friends with. The moment we met, our energy instantly matched (we are both VERY high energy but zen at the same time...kind of weird to explain). I met her going to a networking event she organized for female lawyers and I thought the idea was brilliant. I remember loving what she was doing so much that I wanted to suggest her lawyer coaching services to every female lawyer I met.

When we met, I had absolutely no idea she was going through a huge career transition, had two kids and I absolutely had not idea (at the time) that she would be one of the first persons I'd call for advice after I called my wedding off. She has not only become a friend but a guide, mentor and motivator. She is one of the hardest working women I know and just like me, she is a single mom.

She went from being a lawyer owning her own multi-million dollar firm to working in business development - all of that while coaching women attorneys - and is now thriving in the health insurance industry. Talk about reinvention! This interview is so inspiring and I know will be able to inspire many, many other women. Alex is an open book and goes in DETAIL when it comes to her career path, her ups, her downs (she hit rock bottom and talks about how she got back up), her divorce, her kids and more. I am very grateful she agreed to do this interview and I am excited for you to hear all of the gems she dropped. Grab your pen and notebook...there are plenty of helpful tips you will want to write down.


15:30: Dealing with fear

17:16: Doing whatever it takes - other jobs until finding her purpose

21:50: Transition to health insurance agent

24:55: The GIFT of fear

28:16: Moving in with her mother and two kids, how the kids took it & dealing with mom guilt

32:23: How she struggled with the attachment to law

37:56 How her past experiences helped her excel at her current job

42:17: What helped her go through the divorce and how she realized the relationship wasn’t working

47:24: The importance of loving yourself and being in alignment BEFORE entering into a relationship

53:00: Dealing with shared custody

56:54: Why she hired a nanny to help her. The importance of delegation

1h01: Self help tips, retreats and how working out is a non negotiable

1h06: Making things that matter a PRIORITY

1h11: Building habits of winning

1h17: The importance of community


BOOK: Present Over Perfect

YOUTUBE: Abraham Hicks

Connect with Alexandra

-Instagram: @alex__theinspiredagent

- Email: healthbyalexandra@gmail.com

-Text her to get information on health insurance: 305-720-8216

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