Episode 5: What I've been up to, Turning 32, How My Vision Board Party Turned out and How I Hand

It's been awhile since my last episode! I needed a break! In this episode I update you on my personal life, career and more since I last spoke to you. I discuss:

-Turning 32 years old (wtf, right?)

-How I had my best AND worst year ever in 2018

-Getting a new dog

-How my vision board party turned out

-What I did for New Year

-How I internally handled getting insulted by a fellow realtor.

It's a short but fun episode. I'm myself and I curse :D HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all the best!


2:04: Why I am not freaking out anymore about being in my thirties and why my HEALTH is so important

4:32: My biggest realization of 2018

6:07: How my best year was also my WORST!

7:11: Why I got my daughter a dog :)

11:07: The importance of a vision board and why I now host a vision board party every year

14: 15 How I spent New Year's Eve and New Year! Hello church and hello hangover!

18:30: Wins of the week and what I need to work on


-Annabelle's Instagram

-Meal and fitness plans by Victoria Kult (Only in French!)

-Book: The Four Agreements

-Book: The 5 Second Rule (I loved the audio)

If you have questions or want to suggest a topic or episode, comment on the Moms On The Grind Instagram posts or email me at sarah@momsonthegrind.com. I LOVE TO HAVE FEEDBACK AND INPUT! You guys have truly been amazing.

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